who we are

Company founder and collection designer Jennifer Hunt takes a studio artist’s approach to her original collection of prints for commercial wallcoverings, produced in-house in Lawrence, Kansas, and shipped world-wide.

With an eye for trend and style, and with a background in fine arts, fashion, and textile design, Jennifer believes that design ultimately comes from within.

What is a Poppy print?

A Poppy print is playful, clean, detailed, bold, and contemporary. Uninterested in creating what’s come before, a Poppy print is instead a personal exploration of repeating patterns, of either minimal forms or narrative objects, that are mesmerizing, soothing, and thoughtful.

A Poppy print is infused with life and energy. Animated and unexpected repeats transcend static wallpaper for walls that move.

Crossing the boundaries between art and decor, the collection is made for the modern designer. Poppy belongs in the inventive, creative, and transformative spaces of the world.

A note from Jennifer, founder and collection designer

To those who are new to Poppy and to those who have been following along since I launched the first Poppy wallpaper collection in 2016, the backstory to this business is likely unknown. From as early as I can remember I loved art, and by the time I was a young adult I had my sights set on fiber art and textile design. My college studies in handprinting, fabric dying, weaving, printmaking, and art history, led me towards a fortunate career in printed fabrics for fashion. 

I recall a moment at the Maryland Institute, College of Art when I saw an early model large format digital fabric printer – I knew, with excitement, that this was my future. Five years into designing printed fabrics, I began designing and producing wallpaper. With early success and a warm embrace by reps, firms, and trade professionals, I was able to learn quickly about the interiors industry in order to create high quality wallpaper as a product and service. Through my experience in product development and design, I’ve been able to use the medium of wallpaper to explore my work and look forward to the evolution of Poppy.