Who are we?

Company founder and collection designer Jennifer Hunt takes a studio artist’s approach to her original collection of prints for residential and commercial wallcoverings, produced in-house in the Midwest and shipped world-wide.

With an eye for trend and style, and with a background in fine arts, fashion, and textile design, Jennifer believes that design ultimately comes from within.

What is a Poppy print?

A Poppy print is contemporary, inspired, and artful. The wallpaper collections are capsules that allow an idea to be explored unbeholden to a single aesthetic. However, the designs always in some way adhere to formalism: mark making is used to create texture in simple forms, brush strokes are combined to create an abstract stripe or plaid, bold painted shapes are overlaid to break down into smaller shapes, and sinuous vining leaves are as much about being leaves as they are lines and oval shapes repeating. The personal inspirations behind the ways I express shape, line, form, and composition may not be known to the viewer, but it is my hope that they can find their own meaningful interpretation.

A note from Jennifer

From as early as I can remember, I loved textiles, clothing, and decorative objects. The process of marking art and designing the world around me is inherent to who I am. Before starting Poppy and designing and producing wallpapers for residential and commercial interiors across the country, I studied painting, drawing, fiber arts, printmaking, weaving, screenprinting, and art history, and I jumped into a career in knitwear and printed fabrics for clothing. Textile design is based on the functionality of materials whether they are decorative or not, and my vision for Poppy is to express myself through these objects which humbly serve a specific purpose in people’s lives. Interior designers, architects, specifiers, reps, showrooms, and clients all participate in this vision when they source Poppy wallpapers.