"Commercial Grade Wallpaper: Elevate Your Space with Highly Durable, Tested Materials"

At Poppy, we understand that commercial spaces require more than just beautiful designs. That's why we offer our original collection of wallpaper designs on commercial-grade materials that are specifically designed to meet or surpass the physical and performance characteristics required for commercial use.

Our wallpapers are produced in-house and shipped worldwide from our central location in the Midwest, making it easier for interior designers, architects, large firms, and specifiers to access our original designs under short lead times. We understand the importance of Type II designated wallcoverings in commercial spaces, which is why our commercial wallpaper offerings are printed to meet the flame spread and smoke development requirements of ASTM E-84 federal specifications. Our high performance vinyl wallcoverings are ideal for high traffic public areas such as foyers, lounges, corridors, offices, hospital wards, classrooms, hotels, and more.

Beyond Vinyl: Discover PVC-Free Non Vinyl Wallpaper Options for Sustainable and Healthy Commercial Environments

At Poppy, we offer PVC-free non-vinyl wallpaper options that are designed specifically for commercial spaces. Our wallpaper designs are printed using eco-friendly ink sets that are paired with our vinyl-free Type II materials. These materials have undergone rigorous testing and have been certified by Greenguard Gold, which is a highly respected certification program for low-emitting products.

The demand for eco-friendly and sustainable commercially durable decor products has been on the rise, and the wallpaper industry is no exception. PVC-free non-vinyl wallpaper is a green option that has gained popularity in commercial spaces due to its environmental benefits. Unlike traditional vinyl wallpaper, PVC-free wallpaper is free from polyvinyl chloride, which makes it less harmful to the environment.

Choosing our PVC-free non-vinyl wallpaper is not only a sustainable choice but also a safe and healthy one. Our products have zero VOC (volatile organic compound) chemical emissions, which means that they are safer for indoor air quality. They are also highly durable and can withstand wear and tear in high traffic areas.

If you need to specify a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for your commercial projects, look no further than Poppy's PVC-free non-vinyl wallpaper. With our high-quality materials and design, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are making a responsible choice for the environment while still achieving the aesthetic look you desire.

Contact us today to inquire about specifying and purchasing Poppy designs on commercial wallpaper materials and let's create extraordinary spaces.