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Transform Your Living Space into a Serene Oasis with Brush Hand-drawn Wallpaper


Looking to elevate your home decor and bring a touch of nature inside? Look no further than "Brush" Hand-drawn Wallpaper, a perfect choice for anyone seeking to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in their home. This stunning wallpaper features intricately detailed foliage that has been sketched with pen and ink, lending a unique and artistic touch to any room.


Choose from six fabulous colorways: Blue Whisper, Clay, Dune, Ivory, Lavender, and Willow, each one providing a different mood and ambiance to your living space. 


Crafted from the highest quality materials, this wallpaper is designed for easy installation and maintenance, making it a perfect addition to your home decor. With its flowing movement and intricate detailing, "Brush" Hand-drawn Wallpaper is sure to impress and transform any room into a serene oasis.


  • REPEAT DIMENSIONS: 25"w x 18"l
  • COMMERCIAL MATERIALS OFFERED: Type II PVC-Free Paper, Type II Vinyl Wallcovering: Sands
  • COMMERCIAL TYPE II WIDTH: 50" + 1" Overlap - 51" Total
  • RESIDENTIAL PRODUCTION SIZE: Double Roll - 25"w x 288" 8 yards
  • RESIDENTIAL ROLL COVERAGE: Square Foot per Roll (25) - Square Foot Total (50)
  • RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATION TYPE: None - Pre-trimmed to edge for butt joint
Color: Blue Whisper
Wall Height (inches)
Wall Width (inches)

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Overage & Attic Stock

We suggest ordering wallpaper overage for your project. We recommend 1 extra double roll for orders under 10 rolls. Orders over 10 rolls should allow for 2 rolls of overage. The purpose of overage is to allow for extra material in the event of any installation issues or short orders. Our wallpapers are small batch print-to-order goods and while color is consistent from roll to roll, there are minor batch variances which can make reprinting to a specific color match difficult if not impossible, not to mention it can delay your completion date, or result in reprinting of an entire wall. Any leftover overage rolls can be stored for use as attic stock in the event that the wallpaper is damaged in the future.

Care Guide

Dirt and smudges can be removed with a mild soap and warm water. Clean from bottom of wall upward. Rinse thoroughly with clean water from the top down using a sponge. Dry the wallpaper with a soft lint free cloth. For more difficult stains that are only surface deep, the use of a stronger detergent is recommended. Always test an inconspicuous area to confirm ink and material will not damage. Never use abrasives or solvents as they will remove the image and damage the wallpaper.

Shipping and Returns

Our wallpaper is made-to-order and therefore we do not accept returns.

To review our return and shipping policies in full please visit our refunds policy page.

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