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Introducing the Poppy Print Studio full collection wallpaper sample book! With over 270 pages of stunning designs, this book includes the Signature Collection, Painted & Dyed Collection, and Printed Grasscloth Collection in full. 

Pages are sized to 17"w x 19"h, you can get a true sense of each design's scale and impact. Not only is this wallpaper sample book sized large, but the sample pages are also printed on our residential grade materials: Matte Paper, Mica Pearl Paper, and Grasscloth allowing you to see the final product on end use materials.

Informational divider pages make it easy to reference your sample and production orders by listing the style SKU, materials offered, residential sizes offered, and commercial material and size offerings.

So why wait? Take the first step towards transforming your space with the Poppy Print Studio wallpaper sample book today. With so many beautiful and high-quality options at your fingertips, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your next project. Order now and keep in your library for future reference.

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Overage & Attic Stock

We suggest ordering wallpaper overage for your project. We recommend 1 extra double roll for orders under 10 rolls. Orders over 10 rolls should allow for 2 rolls of overage. The purpose of overage is to allow for extra material in the event of any installation issues or short orders. Our wallpapers are small batch print-to-order goods and while color is consistent from roll to roll, there are minor batch variances which can make reprinting to a specific color match difficult if not impossible, not to mention it can delay your completion date, or result in reprinting of an entire wall. Any leftover overage rolls can be stored for use as attic stock in the event that the wallpaper is damaged in the future.

Shipping and Returns

Our wallpaper is made-to-order and therefore we do not accept returns.

To review our return and shipping policies in full please visit our refunds policy page.

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