Wallpaper Sample Book - Grid Collection

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Introducing the Grid Collection wallpaper pattern book, a unique and inspiring collaboration between Poppy and the Office of Tangible Space. This collection uses simple design elements to create impactful backdrops, combining thoughtful variations of line weight, grid scale, and color.

Inspired by the avant-garde architectural movements of the 1960s, the Grid Collection is a modern take on the timeless grid pattern. With its versatility and universal appeal, this collection can transform any interior space into a stylish and modern masterpiece.

The Grid Collection features several color combinations of 2" or 6" squares with a thin or bold line weight, allowing for endless possibilities and creative freedom within a strict set of parameters. This interchangeability of elements invites thoughtful experimentation and encourages you to take risks and push the boundaries of your interior design vision.

The book features 40 pages of 14” x 19” sheet sized residential grade Matte Paper swatches tastefully enclosed in a laser etched satin aluminum binder. A perfect wallpaper resource and addition to any design library.